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Rashad Brathwaite
Strategic Brand Manager

Rashad is our quick-witted and quirky Strategic Brand Manager Don’t let his babyface and fun-sized stature fool you, he’s packed with a ton of innovation and a love for research and the granular details of the tourism industry. A fresh-faced attorney-at-law with a Masters in International Development Law from the University of Warwick, he also maintains an eye on our legal developments.

His sense of humor: dry, very much unlike his wines of choice, gives way to a serious dedication and professionalism to ensuring that every aspect of our branding and business development is top-notch and cutting-edge. With a range of experiences in civil society,and academia, he is very much invested in the belief that we can do good and we can do it better and is a strong proponent of our Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable tourism management ethos.