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Ian Freer
Client Services

A stoic and reserved individual with innocent looks (it has fooled many), this façade melts away into an effervescent fun-loving montage when interacting with ensure they are enjoying themselves and are as comfortable as possible. As a Psychology graduate of the University of the West Indies, Ian has fused this passion with tourism and understanding client satisfaction- a beautiful combo in tourismoriented, tropical paradise, perfect weather, gem of the Caribbean, that is Barbados.

When not helping his mother at her quaint little café (son of the year award), Ian is busy at Blu Isles handling client queries and organizing their itineraries to ensure the most satisfying experience they could have. Fluent in Spanish both written and spoken, Ian has done many a tour with his clients from lovely Latin America and beyond, acting as translator, guide, and personal shoulder to cry on when you realise you have to leave Barbados at some point.