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About The Company

Who are we?

Blu Isles is a luxury full-service Destination Management Company headquartered in beautiful Barbados.

With a wealth of expertise, finely distilled over the team’s collective and diverse years of experience not only within the luxury tourism and hospitality sector, but within marketing and sales, the legal industry and the culinary market, we know Barbados like none other. As destination specialists, we are a team that is committed to constant evolution, innovation and above all, your complete satisfaction in realizing the full expanse of your needs for your Barbados destination experience.

What do we do?

Simply, the unimaginable…

Blu Isles leverages its team’s intimate local knowledge, international experience, and strong network of premium partners to curate the unforgettable. We excel in the creation of quintessential experiences; whether unique incentive programs; the execution of firstclass meetings or conferences. Our expertise also extends production of cutting-edge events and product-launches, phenomenal cultural or social tours, and of course, the creation of ethereal destination weddings.

We provide our client with a full suite of services that meets the needs of the most discerning clients. Through the strength of the relationships we've cultivated, Access and Exclusivity to the islands’s premier restaurants and attractions Restaurants, Activities and Excursions on island are hallmarks of your Blu Experience. Whatever your needs, our inhouse expertise in bespoke experiences will ensure that your needs are fully met and surpassed.

What Is The Blu Isle Difference?

Blu Isles is committed to world-class standards as we revolutionize the destination experience in Barbados.

From first-contact. and along the event continuum from visualization to execution, it is the intricacy of our attention to the finer details, the anticipation of your experiences that craft the memorable and deliver expertly personalized solutions. With a flair for the creative, we are constantly in the pursuit of dynamic and novel elements for our clients. As a multilingual DMC, we are fully competent and happy to cater to our Portuguese, French and Spanish-speaking clients and open up the wonders of Barbados to you. With our team facilitating every stage of your journey, we offer the luxury of perfection and peace of mind; That is the Blu Isle Difference. If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality


Integrity. Excellence. Innovation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Blu Isles is encapsulated in our mantra “Your Dream… Our Reality.” Blu Isles prides itself on creating quintessential experiences for our clients. Simply, we believe in delivering on the promise.

We believe in the cultivation of strong relationships with our clients, and suppliers in our commitment to a higher level of doing business.

Innovation is not just a word for us, it is the engine that drives us as company:— How can we transform your vision to the perfect experience? How can we innovate in our business model for sustainability? How can we support and enhance the communities in which we do business?

Our existence as a company is built around that solid commitment to redefining excellence.

For us at Blu Isles, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are not add-ons to our DMC experience but integral to our enterprise. We strongly encourage and incentivize our clients to adopt sustainable practices and include elements which give-back to communities. As a boutique company, we are committed to sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint, and partnering with suppliers who share our mutual interest in a greener world.

Meet With Our Awesome Team.

Nicholas Alleyne
Nicholas brings a whole host of expertise to the table, in addition to a radiant and constant smile.
Ian Freer
Ian has fused this passion with tourism and understanding client satisfaction- a beautiful combo in tourismoriented, tropical paradise, perfect weather, gem of the Caribbean, that is Barbados.

Ian Freer

Client Services

Rashad Brathwaite
Don’t let his babyface and fun-sized stature fool you, he’s packed with a ton of innovation and a love for research and the granular details of the tourism industry.

Rashad Brathwaite

Strategic Brand Manager

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